Odors created by trash, waste, and materials are part of doing business. Unfortunately, they can create big problems: an unpleasant work environment, complaints from guests and neighbors, pest issues, and more. Inspectra's Odor Management System knocks out odors in almost any environment – and the problems they create.

Inspectra's easy-to-install Odor Management System is a discreet option perfect for trash rooms, garbage and compactor areas, loading docks, and industrial spaces. It works by dispersing a safe, essential oil solution that attaches to odor molecules, neutralizing them and eliminating offensive odors. The flexible system allows you to adjust the frequency and duration of misting, giving you a customized system for round-the-clock odor protection.

To maximize your value, Inspectra's Pest Prevention Specialists will service the Odor Management System as part of a regular pest prevention service, including replacing solution and performing routine maintenance checks.

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