They may seem like just a nuisance, but flies are an oft-overlooked danger to your employees, customers, and guests. These pests are vectors of disease and bacteria such as Salmonella, Shigella, cholera, gastroenteritis, and dysentery, just to name a few. They can spread harmful bacteria and germs wherever they land.

With specialized solutions customized to address the needs of your facility, Inspectra's Quantum Fly Service stands up against flies in any situation.

Large Fly

Our large fly service begins on the exterior of your facility, where large flies breed and develop before making their way inside. A comprehensive fly baiting program targets fly hot spots, such as dumpsters and fence lines, to kill flies before they have a chance to invade. On the interior, we will install appropriate insect light traps and perform residual applications to ensure that flies that do find their way inside are eliminated. This monthly service provides continuous protection.

Small Fly

The presence of small flies at your facility can signal a sanitation issue that needs attention – and unfortunately, may raise the eyebrows of your customers and guests. What's more, these pests will exploit a developing sanitation issue quickly, and can literally become a problem for a facility overnight.

Controlling small flies requires eliminating the conditions that attract them – the build up of decaying organic material. We start with an environmental assessment to determine problem areas and focus on education to help you correct issues and maintain sanitation levels. To attack organic build up, we'll arm your staff with a complete our cutting edge technology system kit – a 30-day supply of our cutting edge technology system with a two-gallon sprayer, a drain brush, and our proprietary our cutting edge technology system for cleaning under equipment.

This monthly service includes application of residual products to have long-lasting effects for lingering pests, as well as our cutting edge technology system; service to remove build-up that might contribute to small fly activity. Depending on the level of activity, we'll use aerosol products as necessary to knock down populations. Quarterly, your Inspectra Service Specialist will clean drains in susceptible areas. For facilities where small flies are not an ongoing issue, the Small Fly Service can be adapted to a one-time service, complete with the our cutting edge technology system kit.