There are some species of ants that require unique treatment protocols and processes due to unique biology or their ability to cause serious property damage.

Once initially isolated to the southernmost part of the United States, the fire ant has widened its reach and continues to spread north. Like other ant species, fire ants can easily contaminate food and sterile areas. However, the larger concern with fire ants is their ability to inflict painful stings to people and small animals. Fire ant attacks can happen quickly and be life-threatening, especially for those who suffer severe allergic reactions.

Carpenter ants also require specialized treatment methods due to their ability to cause serious structural damage. In addition, species such as Pharoah, ghost, hairy crazy (also called Caribbean or Rasberry), and white-footed ants are notoriously difficult to eliminate for a variety of biological reasons.

For these challenging pests, Inspectra will develop a custom treatment program to address your facility's specific issue.