Innovative Technology



Inspectra has been an industry leader and innovator for over 25 years. While others simply offer data, we've pioneered technology solutions that allow our Specialists to capture detailed findings and observations – turning data into knowledge that enables you to measure, manage, and continually improve performance.

Our proprietary enterprise level compliance management system, BrandTech®, is the industry's first integrated platform that can be customized to your organization, your business processes, and your needs. BrandTech® is a dynamic technology that delivers our auditor expertise to your fingertips. Inspectra auditors' investigative and consultative approach drives to the root cause of any findings. The system allows our auditors to capture their detailed observations for every finding, harnessing that intelligence to give you visibility and active managerial control.

BrandTech®’s reporting and analytics platform is built to drive insight and action. It gives you easy access to your data and allows you to organize, manage, and view information according to how you work. You can automate compliance workflows, and monitor corrective actions, giving you the ability to pinpoint training and action based on specific findings.

For our pest prevention clients, our BrandTech® Mobile Technology platform is the most comprehensive service software available today. Our Specialists capture every detail of your pest prevention services, including pest activity, products used, and actions taken, utilizing a handheld device with a barcode scanner. Immediately following your service, your data is uploaded to our secure servers where it is instantly available to you via the Inspectra Client Portal.

The Client Portal offers complete transparency of your program, giving you a comprehensive view of your organization's pest prevention program, from trends to hotspots. E-alerts and push reporting help escalate potential issues immediately.