Inspectra was founded in 2001 as a pest prevention company offering a premium service, using highly trained service specialists and advanced techniques with a unique focus on prevention and safety. A former president of a major pest management provider, We saw an opportunity to offer premium service using advanced techniques and highly trained service specialists and began Inspectra's operations in Quebec City, a growing center of commerce in the East Coast of Canada. As Inspectra's reputation for high-quality service grew, the company expanded its service offering to include sanitation audits, the earliest version of the food safety and quality assurance programs we have in place today. Over the next five years, operations in both pest prevention and food safety continued to expand as demand for Inspectra's unique combination of services grew and the company became a national player.

Throughout our history, Inspectra has continued to innovate with programs and techniques that set the standard for our industry. We introduced our cutting-edge technology system Pest Prevention Program, an approach that quickly redefined the established measures of success in our industry. Inspectra committed to substantially reducing pesticide usage by identifying effective, alternate methods of eliminating and preventing pests such as physical removal, structural repair, and a heavier reliance on monitoring.

From the beginning, Inspectra was pioneering ways to reduce the environmental impact of indiscriminate pesticide usage. Today we are an established industry leader, pioneer, and innovator, providing customized solutions that help our clients deliver on their brand promises