The Inspectra Health Inspection Information Management System (HIIMS) offers a solution to health department retail food inspection reporting. Inspectra's highly trained HIIMS team will compile reports from all your locations and convert them into one common format, as laid out in the FDA Food Code Inspection Form. This makes the vast array of styles and formats used across the country more comparable. The format can also be customized to your requirements. Thanks to robust tracking and monitoring, our team can perform an active search for any health inspection reports not received in a timely fashion via email or fax. Inspectra's online reporting system enables quick and easy analysis of information, with the capacity to trend data in the same manner that the FDA trends retail food establishment performance outcomes.

Inspectra's HIIMS team is made up of trained professionals who possess the experience and FDA Food Code proficiency needed to review, interpret, and correctly encode health department inspection reports from all across the United States and Canada. The team is responsible for continuous quality assurance and is available to the client for ongoing support.

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