Best People



We have assembled a staff of experienced professionals; experts who are passionate about providing world-class service with genuine care and concern. Our people engage with your employees and have an emotional connection to your brand – your success is our success.

When Inspectra founded, we had a vision for starting a service company that would be built on the foundation of a team committed to providing a superior service. "We felt that we wanted to start a company where the focus was on people," Ian says. "People deliver the service and are what make an organization great."

Today, thousands of times a day, Inspectra employees bring Ian's vision to life. In every aspect of our business, you'll find highly skilled, passionate professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients protect their brands. From sales and service to customer care and administration, Inspectra employees are at the ready to provide you with an outstanding service experience.

Inspectra has developed advanced, skill-specific hiring systems to identify and select the most qualified candidates for every role in our organization. We hire the most talented people and provide them with the best possible training, certification, and supervision.

Our operations teams are staffed with a wide range of subject matter experts, many of whom hold advanced degrees and certifications in areas such as microbiology, food science, animal welfare, and entomology to give you access to expertise, experience, and unique insight that can set your business apart.

Our account management team provides outstanding program management and customer service and serves as a liaison between you and Inspectra 's service operations and administration to ensure that your needs are being met. And at the Inspectra 24-hour, 7-day a week , you'll always find a knowledgeable customer care specialist ready to help you with any issue.